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Best Counseling Center Manjeri Malappuram

Masmer clinic is the Best counseling center Manjeri. Masmer clinic is not only a counseling center but also we are using psycho therapy methods like JPR , NLP , Hypnotism ,Enneagram , TA , MBTI , etc.

We are professionally trained Counselors, who are accustomed to help people from various backgrounds, and deal with a wide range of issues. At Masmer, we provide tailored Counseling service based on specific issues.

At our specialized Counseling service in Malappuram Kerala, we offer, Child, Individual and Family Counseling services

We provide an environment of excellent support that enhances emotional well being and improve the quality of life. You’ll get the chance to explore, share your hopes and fears, and gain clarity of thought through a typical Counselling session.

Child Counseling center manjeri

We all know children and adolescent boys and girls go through a wide range of emotional, mental, and physical changes as they grow. During this phase, they are vulnerable to different external influences. As a parent, it’s important for you to keep track of the behavioral changes and take necessary corrective action through the assistance of a counselor.

Masmer offers specialized counseling services to school-going children and Adolescents. During such counseling sessions, the child or adolescent is given the opportunity to express their problems to help them cope with their emotions and feelings.

Individual Counseling

Stress and anxieties are part of our daily life. Taking the right action is the only way to overcome it. We often get overwhelmed to tackle life’s challenges on our own. This is when we require the assistance of a Counselor to help you cope with life’s challenges.

At Masmer, we offer individual counseling sessions to help you overcome various issues in your life. During the sessions, we encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings with the counselor. All the sessions are conducted in a warm and safe environment.

Family Counseling

It’s normal for spouses in a marriage to have disagreements and feel detached from each other. In such situations, separation is not the only answer. Our Family counseling can assist you to rekindle the spark in your marriage by identifying underlying problems.

Masmer provides specialized counseling for couples and help them overcome the unhealthy anxieties in life. During family counseling services, we have separate and group sessions to sort out the problems and help couples connect successfully.

Our Sister concern ; Changampally Ayurveda Vaidyashala and Unani clinic Manjeri

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